Nokia N97's "Mini" brother gets pictured?

Nokia N97's "Mini" brother gets pictured?
So, someone didn’t like the new Nseries flagship? Following the rumor that a more compact alternative to the N97 is in the works, the N97 Mini just got revealed in two images where it’s placed right next to its big brother. As a whole, the device is the same (you still get the tilting mechanism of the display), only a bit smaller. There are some cosmetic changes to the design though, with the most significant one seemingly being the lack of both a D-pad on the keyboard and a sliding camera cover. You should of course bear in mind the device on these images might be just a knock-off. Either way, this doesn’t really seem like a true “Mini” version of the flagship, at least when it comes to design. We only hope that the word "Mini" here does not stand for "limited capabilities"... Can't wait to give it the hands-on treatment!

source: EngadgetMobile

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