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Nokia Lumia 820 polycarbonate shells detailed: glossy, matte, wireless and rugged

Nokia Lumia 820 polycarbonate shells detailed: glossy, matter, wireless and rugged
The Nokia Lumia 820 might not have the PureView image magic of its higher ranking Lumia 920 sibling, but it comes with removable and easily replaceable shells which not only change the looks but also the functionality of the phone.

First, let’s mention that the Lumia 820 uses PC/ABS, a polycarbonate blend that makes it easier to slip the case in and out, while keeping your phone protected. The color is inherent to the material which means that if you scratch your phone the mark that’s left will be much harder to notice. The color also stays longer.

Now, the Nokia Lumia 820 comes with one shell in the box and you can choose additional ones from the following options:

- High gloss red, yellow, cyan, purple, and white

- Matte grey and black.

None of those would allow you to wirelessly charge your phone, though. For that, there are separate Wireless Charging shells that come in five matte colours: white, yellow, black, red and cyan. With one of those shells on, you have to purchase a wireless charging pad like the Nokia Plate, Stand, the Fatboy Recharge Pillow or the JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker to wireless juice up your device.

Finally, the Lumia 820 could be outfitted in a ruggedized shell that’s only a bit thicker than the rest. It’s also PC/ABS but with a rubber-like finish and comes just slightly up front to protect the edges of the phone, which are the most damage-prone part.

All of those shells will be available at the time of the Lumia 820 launch. Which one would you get?

source: Nokia Conversations

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