Nokia Lumia 1020 unveiled with 41 MP sensor, OIS and lossless zoom

Nokia Lumia 1020 unveiled with 41 MP sensor, OIS and lossless zoom
Answering everyone's prayers, the just-announced Nokia Lumia 1020 finally combined the PureView Phase 1 mobile camera technology as found in the 41 MP sensor of the 808 PureView, and the optical image stabilization (OIS) technology of Phase 2, which first appeared in the Lumia 920.

These two cameraphone "firsts" are now merged in one and the same device, and with a modern mobile OS to boot. Nokia took the stage to unveil what will likely be the cell phone camera to beat in the foreseeable future. Let's get the boring specs out of he way before we go into the nitty-gritty of the camera unit.

Lumia 1020 flaunts a 4.5" 768x1280 pixels PureMotion HD+ AMOLED display with ClearBlack filter and Gorilla Glass 3 on top, so you can expect blur-free visuals, high contrast ratio and low reflection. There is the usual high-brightness mode, which in Nokia's late flagships means the excellent 600 nits, which would aid sunlight visibility. The supersensitive touch tech is present as well, so the screen can be operated with gloves on.

The handset, available in black, white and yellow, measures 130.4 x 71.4 x 10.4 mm and weigh 158 g, which makes it thinner and lighter than the chubby Lumia 920, despite all that camera jazz inside, since with Lumia 1020 the wireless charging ability is added via a separate cover if you want it. It's powered by a dual-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, features 2 GB of RAM, which is double the usual WP flagship amount, and 32 GB of internal memory. The 2000 mAh battery is good for seven hours of video playback and 13 hours of talk time, so it's right up with your typical flagship endurance.

Nokia brought over the stereo Rich Recording technology with HAAC mics, which should make for the best-sounding video footage from any phone, judging from the amazing results that came with the 808 PureView.

Now the dry specs of the camera - breathtaking 41 MP BSI 1/1.2" sensor, 3x lossless zoom (up to 6x for HD video), six-elements lens with ZEISS optics, second generation OIS suspension for shake-free videos and blur-free low-light photos that can compensate for up to 500 movements a second. The famed pixel oversampling again combines up to seven pixels in one super pixel at the default PureView mode, and can shoot simultaneously in the high-res 34 MP or 38 MP modes, and the PureView 5 MP mode for easier sharing. 

Nokia Pro Camera is the new application that takes advantage of all the sensor power and has some pro shooting modes and controls like shutter times, ISO, manual focus and exposure settings, and so on. The Camera Grip accessory is real, and is essentially a case with a side grip, 

The oversampling tech now comes to video capture as well, so you get the highest quality footage possible with a phone, even when zooming while you record. Add to those a powerful Xenon flash and an LED light for video recording, and you easily get the best cameraphone on the market, available this month. AT&T is getting it exclusively July 26th for $299.99 on a two-year contract, and you can preorder it starting July 16th.

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Lumia 1020
  • Display 4.5 inches
    1280 x 768 pixels
  • Camera 41 MP (Single camera)
    1.2 MP front
  • Hardware Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus, 2GB RAM
  • Storage 32GB,
  • Battery 2000 mAh
  • OS Windows Phone 8.1



69. mahekm

Posts: 7; Member since: Jul 09, 2013

"Why Nokia concentrate only in Camera, Boring spec from last one year, Nokia you should work at least in BATTERY"

70. itsdeepak4u2000

Posts: 3718; Member since: Nov 03, 2012

The h/w is very good and has OS optimized in such a way that its capable, compete and leave behind Androlag with Quad / Octa cores. :D

64. JojoGo101

Posts: 211; Member since: Dec 17, 2012

This is the phone basically without flaw. I don't consider not having expandable storage, removable back and a lack of a few games a deal breaker.

49. BillyBoy

Posts: 59; Member since: Jul 01, 2013

Nokia has raised the bar very high in photo. Let's see Sony's turn with Honami.

48. jackhammeR

Posts: 1548; Member since: Oct 17, 2011

Great phone. A complete package with the best camera in the world. If you want super duper cpu and gpu or you're 13 and play games on your mobile only, go android and keep paying that so-called honami deliver something better than is available in android realm now. The funniest thing is that fanboys don't see the bigger picture. The best in the industry voice capturing, the best camera and sat nav, great build quality, great support, sturdy shell and super display, albeit too small for some folks. Chase the quad cores, adrenos and the rest just to show off.

50. freebee269

Posts: 543; Member since: Aug 10, 2012

the funny thing about the spec arguement is the people always talking about old specs make up "maybe" 5% of the people that buy smart phones. most people that come into at&t and buy a phone dont even know what quad core is. but if you show them a phone that can take awesome pics with a beautiful screen then they know what that is because they can see it. that is the selling point for this phone. and it is a good one to the average consumer. also the fact that the phone doesnt have a huge screen is another plus. i have many friends that will not go with a 5 inch display just because they think it's too big for whatever reason.

67. jackhammeR

Posts: 1548; Member since: Oct 17, 2011

great said. Andro retards, read comment above.

62. Gaurav008

Posts: 328; Member since: Jul 20, 2012

Dude. I wouldn't be totting a symbian device(pureview 808) if I had been after bleeding edge specs and a 2 year old GS2 if I had been after all those things you mention. You are satisfied and I am not. But not with the device, but with the OS and MS's commitment to it. Nokia continues to churn out great hardware but is failing to catch up with the competition in terms of sales. Reviewers,Techies all credit Nokia for their impressive and great WP8 portfolio. But the sales don't show this. Most consumers go for IOS or Android over WP. Why or what do you think is the case here?

47. Gaurav008

Posts: 328; Member since: Jul 20, 2012

Now where is that "CardiWP" user? Who held a so called "NDA" agreement? The announcement came and went along as expected. The Nokia Lumia 1020 is cool, and awesome and hell innovative(that camera is 'whoa' one coming from a Nokia 808 pureview owner). But nothing which blows the competition out of water while comparing overall everything (except camera ;which people now use greatly with the advent of Social networks ) in every other 'smart' category across other software platforms and what competition has to offer. WP8 is hugely inferior to IOS and Android, their main competitors and I will not even talk about BB10(it's s**t). Microsoft in its next WP update should do a lot more, specially in the SW and HW dept. They should add features which will cover up the current gen limitations as well as announce something dramatic,something innovative to get just a bit ahead of the pack. Over the last 3 WP iterations it has been the same old story, IOS and Android continuing to add features and WP catching up. This plan will not work. Overall, excited about the phone but not quite really. Buckle up Microsoft, Buckle up. :)

46. sam.7

Posts: 68; Member since: Jul 10, 2013

poor samsung must be crying taking their galaxy cameras on their hand.. haha

44. freebee269

Posts: 543; Member since: Aug 10, 2012

this device looks very good and i enjoyed the presentation of it. but i dont know if i can live with paying 299.99 for it. i guess all that camera tech is really expensive. it would be nice to see a break down of what the individual tech costs nokia to make the device like they recently did with one of their low end devices. but i'm one of those people that love having a top notch camera on their smartphone, so i may end up getting it anyways. those 2011 specs still work good in 2013.

40. InspectorGadget80 unregistered

Ok 2 questions first y call it 41MP when the sensor itself says 38. 2nd what's the zoom ?

52. picka_vi_materina

Posts: 174; Member since: Nov 21, 2011

Think of the full 41MP sensor as a circle. If you draw a square (4:3) or a rectangle (16:9) inside the circle, there are parts of the circle that are not used which results to the lower resolution. The below is an example of the Nokia N9 sensor of 8.7MP. You can see the principle which I explained in the image.

38. NexusKoolaid

Posts: 493; Member since: Oct 24, 2011

"Answering everyone's prayers..." Doesn't run Android. Prayers not answered.

43. jackhammeR

Posts: 1548; Member since: Oct 17, 2011

prayers, not fanboys

57. NexusKoolaid

Posts: 493; Member since: Oct 24, 2011

LOL Well hello Mr. Pot, I'm Mr. Kettle.....

60. dexter_jdr

Posts: 1163; Member since: Jun 28, 2012

im stove. "BUUUUURRNNN"

37. yudi.nemesis unregistered

"WOW 41MP BSI Sensor" Nokia you got me confused to choose. if Honami disappointing Lumia 1020 + Xperia ZR will be my last option

36. timukh

Posts: 295; Member since: Feb 04, 2013

Super awesome camera, great new features but sadly no improvements in the hardware other than the 2GB of RAM. And with the july availability it seems that Nokia was ready with this device for quite a long time so they did the mass production already and maybe they were waiting for microsoft to release 1080p and quad core support sooner so that they could incorporate it. But sadly the two most important features still seems missing and till MS releases that there will already be an android phone with even higher resolutions! Oh MS! What can I say more. $299 is obviously a NO! May be $199 was still considerable.

33. kozza3

Posts: 778; Member since: Oct 17, 2012

they should have made it thicker with a huge battery, obviously people are going to buy this because of the camera and not the form-factor i don't understand the designers these days

31. vslayer

Posts: 34; Member since: Dec 12, 2011

now phonearena i dare you to compare all of the smartphone camera today..... :) im tired of saying that iphone 5 , gs4 is much better photos

27. Penny

Posts: 1882; Member since: Feb 04, 2011

Apparently, the inclusion of a BSI sensor is pretty important as well as the 808 Pureview did not have BSI. Images should be great from this phone.

26. KingKurogiii

Posts: 5713; Member since: Oct 23, 2011

when it comes to WP devices this is clearly the one to have by a long shot.

68. Jiin-

Posts: 2; Member since: Jul 10, 2013

Oh, it'll take some long shots. ALL KINDS OF SHOTS.

24. snowgator

Posts: 3630; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

Wow. Camera first, phone/multi-media device second and third. This is aimed at a very particular market. I can see it being a success, but it is a bit of a gamble. Can't make it in the industry without a gamble or two. The first Galaxy Note was released with lessers specs as well until it proved to be a hit. Now it is all shades of premium with copy cats galore. This has that potential. It could also be a huge, stinky bomb. We watch and wait......

19. BattleBrat

Posts: 1476; Member since: Oct 26, 2011

Dammit, they know I'm a sucker for Zeiss glass. IT BETTER make it to Verizon or Tmo....

21. roldefol

Posts: 4745; Member since: Jan 28, 2011

Sure, after AT&T's 6 month exclusivity period. :(

15. sonisoe

Posts: 440; Member since: May 06, 2009

sadly, this excellent camera isnt gonna make a lot of people switch..hopefuly am wrong, i do wanna see nokia succeed given their artistry in hardware design & engineering incl. this fantastic camera and software development (nokia map etc)...

13. papss unregistered

Maybe I should sell my N4 to pick this up?

55. WHoyton1

Posts: 1635; Member since: Feb 21, 2013

Thanks for sharing your economic queries with us all.....

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