Nokia's "most awaited phone" may not be the Nokia 9 after all

Last week, Nokia announced that it would be unveiling its “most awaited phone” on August 21, leading many to believe that the brand’s Nokia 9 flagship may actually be on the horizon. According to new information, however, it appears the event may actually be related to a device that has already been announced: the Nokia 6.1 Plus.

While many would argue that the brand’s most anticipated smartphone is, in fact, its rumored flagship model, the brand’s claim that its consumers “asked for it” does coincide with the Nokia 6.1 Plus. After all, the Finland-based brand's customers were pretty vocal earlier this year after the Nokia X6 was unveiled in China. In addition to this, it appears online retailer Flipkart may also play a major role in the Indian release of the smartphone after it reposted Nokia’s teaser video on its own website. This backs up new rumors that suggest the retailer will offer the Nokia 6.1 Plus exclusively via its website in the market.

On a separate note, it’s worth noting that the event itself is also currently set to take place in India, a market that is known for the budget-consciousness of its consumers and a lack interest when it comes to premium offerings. Because of this, it wouldn't make business sense to unveil the Nokia 9 flagship in the market, especially with IFA just around the corner which would allow the brand to capture the attention of consumers that are willing to spend more money.

Aside from India, other regional Nokia accounts on social media have also teased the smartphone’s arrival which suggests the announcement will precede a much wider release of the Nokia 6.1 Plus, not just one in India. Nevertheless, it’s unclear at this point how HMD Global will choose to price its new offering and if the device will make its way to markets outside of Asia.

source: Flipkart via: First Post

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1. toukale

Posts: 668; Member since: Jun 10, 2015

Lots of folks are living in this fancy world instead of reality. Nokia is gone, what we currently have now is just Nokia only in name. The current Nokia is only but a Chinese/Taiwanese joint venture capitalizing on folks attachment to a brand name (Nokia). Its a great move on the Chinese group to expand in the West. Lets hire a few ex Nokia folks and move forward with the con. Some are eating it up because of this magical device that will never materialize. There is no way such a device would launch in India, a market where only mid to low end devices are successful because of the low earned income by most.

4. abduz

Posts: 37; Member since: Mar 25, 2018

HMD came out of the blue with no history attached and suddenly they were granted the Nokia liscence and patents as well as from MS, while also being formed entirely off layed-off Nokia employees. Refresh a bit and you will remember Microsoft helped these employees either find another job or helped create a start-up. Nokia was already dipping their toes into Android with Lumia X-Series. It's no coincidence that as soon as the binding contract that forbid Nokia from building phones till after 2016, suddenly HMD was formed. The disputed factory in India was thrown in for FOXCONN in a deal to be the manufacturers. HMD is a collaboration between Nokia and Microsoft. It's a very smart move... Nokia gets its name back in the market, Microsoft gains back some of their investment. Had HMD failed, neither of their brands would be on the headlines/connected. I wouldnt be surprised if in the near future Nokia "purchases" HMD, should they continue to do well. Think if it this way, HMD is supposedly a start-up, they don't have manufacturing plants if anything, their sole purpose was to produce and sell Nokia phones ...nothing else, just Nokia devices. Home of Nokia Phones.


Posts: 2817; Member since: Oct 03, 2012

Think you need to get some facts straight! HMD is not a Chinese but Finnish company, located across the street from Nokia headquarters in Finland! What is Chinese? Your iPhone is also an Chinese phone! Also the founder/employees of HMD are from Nokia and Microsoft! So the con you are talking about is just BS, or are you jealous?

3. rsiders

Posts: 2010; Member since: Nov 17, 2011

Thanks for sparing us the Lenovo effect. Now we can all expect just another phone and not be so disappointed. Bring on a flagship Nokia. We've had plenty of time your budget phones.

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