Nokia 8 first promo video shows two lonely, sad men taking selfies in the middle of nowhere

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So yeah, this was weird: the first Nokia 8 promo video is out and it basically shows two middle-aged, seemingly lonely and a bit sad men taking selfies bothies in the middle of nowhere. Cue a ghosty, empty office and a woman that seems like a hostage among them, a slow-tempo music and this works better as the opening scene of a horror movie, but not the inspiring presentation of one of the most highly anticipated phones of the year.

In a rather solemn voice, you would hear the ironically named Alasdair Mcphail explain the power of storytelling with the Nokia 8's bothie camera mode (video is recorded with both the front and rear cameras simultaneously, and shot in a split-screen view). You would also see another Nokia designer mention the magic words: "aluminium", "CNC milled", "constantly variable radius curvature" and so on.

Worse of all the story told is not convincing and feels superstitial. The video does little to go above the cliched phrases and words that we've been hearing for years now and explain why the Nokia 8 is exciting (is it?). It does not explain what makes the Nokia 8 a 'Nokia', how the phone is different than all the rest and why does it exist. The video does not explain how the dual camera works or - heck - anything substantial... 

If the company itself cannot find an inspiring message to get out to all the buyers eagerly waiting for the next big thing from Nokia, consumers might just start looking elsewhere.

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