No Apple AirPods 2 yet? Meet Master & Dynamic's MW07 beryllium alternative

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Apple's AirPods 2 are still an elusive bunch, as not even the expected update to the current ones was unveiled during the keynote presentation the other day. The improved AirPods were tipped to be with the current $159 price, but with an always-on Siri and W2 co-processor inside to improve battery life, but they didn't materialize. Oh, well, perhaps at Apple's next event where it will release new iPads and Macs.

While Apple waits, however, it will have more competitors on its hand, like the first truly wireless buds by Master & Dynamic, dubbed MW07. As you can expect from the renowned audio gear maker, the focus while making the buds has been entirely on audio quality (read: battery life isn't that great). With the industry's largest, 10mm beryllium drivers, the MW07 pair promises "a rich, warm, expansive sound," and, knowing the company, they will most likely deliver.

The other area of focus for Master & Dynamic has been the design, as what good are truly wireless buds if you have to constantly push and adjust them around your ear canal. To achieve the stellar 9gr. weight, the firm dressed the stainless steel sound enclosure that provides that quality echo chamber, into custom acetate in "Tortoiseshell, Steel blue, Grey terrazzo, and Matte black." We have to admit that the outer shell looks great with the steel buttons surrounding it, and the buds themselves look, will, handcrafted.

The MW07 has the price to match its boutique audio designers' heritage, coming in at $299, which is way above the AirPods pricing, and with 3.5 hours of battery life, they don't really stand above the pack in that respect. The case offers just three more charges, but you can top them up to 40% in just 15 minutes if you are short on time. Any takers?

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