New update sent out for Pebble smartwatch; version 1.10 supports third party watch faces

New update sent out for Pebble smartwatch; version 1.10 supports third party watch faces
Pebble has sent out a firmware update for the Pebble smartwatch to Version 1.10.0. If the update cannot be seen when you open the Pebble app, force quit the app and try again. If that is unsuccessful, as a last resort, Pebble suggests that you delete and reinstall the Pebble app to clear the cache. The update is important as it adds support for third party watch faces created using the SDK. It also repaired a problem that drained the battery when the watch was connected to an iOS device. Several system apps are now more responsive and less of a drain on the battery following the update.

A couple of options were added to disable annoying little things. For example, Pebble owners can now disable the backlight that would turn on when the accelerometer kicked in. And the vibrating motor can now be disabled so it doesn't make that machine-like noise when a notification comes in. When you perform a factory-reset on the Pebble, it will now remove all non-system apps and watch faces, and the pop-up that reads "Allow Pebble to communicate..." in iOS will appear less frequently.

Some bug fixes that have been repaired with the update includes one that caused the watch to crash when an email with a blank subject line went out over MAP on iOS. Another bug that caused the music app to crash when Bluetooth was in use was also removed, as was the one that caused the music app to crash if the tracks were changed too quickly when the Pebble was paired to an iOS device. A problem that prevented the proper rendering of non full-screen apps that aren't animated has been removed as was one that allowed multiple vibration patterns to run concurrently. Lastly, a bug that caused an edge-case issue that prevented a proper connection to iOS has been excised.

It is a long list to be sure, but if Pebble is going to still be around once the big guns like Apple, Google, LG and the others start muscling into the smartwatch business, Pebble needs to take advantage of this head start they have worked so hard to create to put out nothing but the best product. There is no question that owners love the watch itself and so far, it seems as though Pebble is taking care of business.

source: Pebble via Droid-Life



1. TheMaxColonel

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2. Igneel unregistered

Pebble's biggest advantage is it's E-ink display which provides long lasting batteries and good visibility.. I just hope that it can get its market wide enough to let other consumers know about it.... and I want to buy it in Malaysia T_T

3. spideyhead256

Posts: 148; Member since: Nov 05, 2012

would love to own one here in india. -_-

5. moolotovzz

Posts: 24; Member since: Mar 12, 2013

sorry folks, but I just dont buy the idea of smart watch.. I believe that sometimes you just have to stick with your roots.. old school analogue watch for me therefore - the best choice and these toys might fit for kids, not adults.. :) a

6. tedkord

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I'm 45 and I would use one instead of an analog watch, except I don't wear watches. Can't stand the feeling.

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