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New report offers surprising revelations about iPhone 8 design


We know that a super-redesigned iPhone 8 is currently in the making, but bar a bunch of adventurous concepts with the "wow! factor" dialed up to 10, we don't have the slightest clue about how the 10th Anniversary Special iPhone will end up looking in reality. Enter Korean outlet ETNews laying down some solid – and surprising – intelligence on these sensitive matters.

According to the report, Apple will pay homage to the original iPhone's chubby, round looks by reimagining the handset with sleek 3D (curved) glass panels and a slim, modern build – along with a much bigger display, of course. Instead of being another unquestionably flat phone, the iPhone 8 will get gentle curves on all its sides and probably rock up and down a little when you place it on an even surface.

Using glass will also make the handset look glossy and feel smoother in the hand, not unlike the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. This way, Apple will incorporate the first two iPhone generations's most characteristic design traits into the tentative 10 Anniversary iPhone.

I you need a reminder of how things used to look way back in 2007, here are some visuals of the original iPhone. We even keep our iPhone review in the records!

Additionally, ETNews ponders a "relatively flat" display for the Apple iPhone 8, unlike the one with curved edges on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. However, the glass cover is expected to have gentle slopes at the sides, as is the case with the iPhone 7 screen and many Android phones utilizing the so-called 2.5D glass design.

Sounds promising, right? Here's more stuff we think we know about the next iPhone:


source: ETNews (Translated) via MacRumors
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