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New leaks reveal Apple iPhone 8 back and front panels, live renders, and more

New leaks reveal Apple iPhone 8 back and front panels, live renders, and more
The latest information pertaining to the Apple iPhone 8 has been found on Reddit. The photos are said to belong to someone with a source in the Apple supply chain. If they are legitimate, the pictures are easily one of the the most interesting iPhone 8 leaks yet. The front panel dovetails with earlier leaks showing a sensor on top of the edge-to-edge display. The back panel features the vertically positioned dual-camera setup.

One of the images  gives us a tasty look at all three 2017 iPhone models, which we can tell apart by the camera each unit is sporting. The Apple iPhone 7s  will come with a single lens 12MP camera. The Apple iPhone 7s Plus features a horizontally mounted dual-camera setup, and we've already discussed the rear snapper on the Apple iPhone 8.

The interesting thing about these images is the lack of a Touch ID button on the rear cover of the phone. That could indicate that the iPhone 8 will have its fingerprint scanner embedded under the screen, which was Apple's intention from the get-go.

Check out all of the new images by clicking on the slideshow below. And if it makes you desire the Apple iPhone 8 even more, just remember that September is just a little more than  12 weeks away.

source: Reddit, iDropNews via BGR

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