New graph lets you see smartphone manufacturer's U.S. market share with color

New graph lets you see smartphone manufacturer's U.S. market share with color
Nielsen's latest graph showing cellphone manufacturer's share of the U.S. smartphone market uses colors to help viewers quickly see which firms were in control from November 2010 through January 2011. Taking a step back, the numbers show that Android had a two point lead over iOS and RIM's BlackBerry phones with 29% of the smartphone market.

Of those manufacturer's producing Android devices, HTC had the largest U.S. share with a 12% slice followed by the 10% piece owned by Motorola, and the 5% controlled by Samsung. The last group, "Others", consists of other manufacturers like LG, Sony Ericsson, Dell and Huawei, and had 2% of the U.S smartphone market.

10% of U.S. smartphones from last November through this January were powered by Windows Phone 7. HTC lead the way with 7% of U.S. smartphones flavored by Microsoft's OS. Samsung was next with a 2% piece of the pie, followed by the 1% slice controlled by HP and Motorola.

4% of U.S. smartphones during the November through January time period were powered by WebOS while Symbian flavored phones had half that share.

Another graph produced by Nielsen shows the popularity of operating systems depending on age. Those 18-24 favored Android while the 55-65+ demographic belonged to iOS.

source: Nielsen


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