New app puts "touch" in long-distance romance

New app puts "touch" in long-distance romance
The problem with long-distance romances, as many of you out there might know, is that the distance separating both of you doesn't allow for any kind of physical relationship. Well, in this "there's an app for that" age, there does happen to be an app for that. Condom manufacturer Durex has developed a product called Fundawear. This is underwear with sensors inside. When the Fundawear is worn by the two people in a relationship, each loads a special app on their smartphone and touches a virtual representation of the Fundawear being worn by the other.  That sets off the sensor allowing your long distance lover to feel as though he/she is being touched in exactly the same spot where you touched the diagram on your phone.

Perhaps you need to see the video to fully grasp this. It's not clear if Fundawear is going to be sold at retail, but it is part of the grand prize of a contest that Durex is running on its Australian Facebook page. Simply write in 25 words or less how you are your partner will use Fundawear and the most creative answer receives a pair of Fundawear for both the winner and partner, two 5 star hotel rooms to test out the system, and $500 in cash. It's probably the most fun two people can have apart.

source: DurexAustralia via Time

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