New ad for Samsung Galaxy S6 focuses on wireless charging

New ad for Samsung Galaxy S6 focuses on wireless charging
Samsung's latest television commercial for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is all about the wireless charging. Well, that is unless you're a fan of British singer Rita Ora, who saunters into the commercial carrying her brand new Galaxy S6. Obviously concerned by the dwindling amount of battery life on her spanking new handset, she plops it onto the wireless charging pad.

The small print at the bottom of the ad tells us that the average time to recharge from 0% to 100% wirelessly is 180 minutes, or 3 hours. Ora must have spent a few hours at the studio because the ad shows the battery progressively filling up with energy until it reaches 100% at the end of the ad.

Unlike the last two commercials, both of which were 60 seconds in length, this is a short 30 second spot. Still, you will probably see this ad while watching your favotire prime time shows like Big Bang Theory and Hell's Kitchen, not to mention Shark Tank. Check it out by clicking on the video below.

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source: SamsungMobile

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