New York's Plaza Hotel offers an Apple iPad for each guest to use to control their room

New York's Plaza Hotel offers an Apple iPad for each guest to use to control their room
You won't find this at the Holiday Inn, but those able to afford a stay at the 5 star Plaza Hotel in New York will find an Apple iPad in each guest room. The device helps guests control much of the room's properties and allows for quick and easy communications between those staying at the famous hotel, and the staff. Instead of using an older touch panel, the guest now uses an iPad to change the temperature of the room, to contact the front desk, order room service, stay in touch with the concierge, arrange a wake-up call and the iPad can even help print boarding passes.

Shane Krige, the hotel's general manager, says that their previous system,  "wasn’t sophisticated enough for what we wanted to do." He added that the Plaza,  "chose the iPad because it is a great piece of equipment that is here to stay and won’t disappear tomorrow," unless the same people that take home the Hotel's robes also make off with the device.

source: Luxist via BGR

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1. Yassham

Posts: 28; Member since: Jan 09, 2011

Cool ' !

3. CRICKETownz

Posts: 980; Member since: Oct 24, 2009

I like that idea...unfortunately I'm wonder if the nightly cost is just as much as the 16GB version of the iPad.

4. Treysterz unregistered

Since this is apart of a social class the majority of us don't belong to, we can't comment. Although at times businessmen and the middle class can afford these luxeries. I won't bag on the wealthy though. There's plenty of people who don't deserve to be up there like say, Martha Stewart, but there's also a handfull of hard working people or even entrepreneurs who got wealthy due to legit means. At which point it's their say how to spend it. None of ours as we'd be hypocritically be bagging them for luxuies they can afford when we'd do the same thing in their shoes. Their money, their go. I say this because of the large number of people nowadays who suddenly think they have the authority to judge people. Talking about, "our tax money?" I never said you could talk about the tax money I've paid since I was 18 and even before on things I bought. Nor has a large number of other people. As to the hotel itself, cool I guess. I'd bring up the inevitable iPad 2 but that wouldn't suit the hotels needs. Control panel with cameras won't exactly work if you think about it. Of coarse I doubt they'll have trouble upgrading tech if need be.

5. munculitza

Posts: 2; Member since: Oct 18, 2011

Now this is amazing service, right, come on and iPad for every customer, what more could you ask for. This is an amazing New York City hotel that I would stay in for months.

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