New Sprint ad for Samsung Galaxy S III is all about the hoops

New Sprint ad for Samsung Galaxy S III is all about the hoops
Sprint's new ad for the Samsung Galaxy S III is perfect for this time of the year. Showing off the S Beam and AllShare features on the Android flagship, the video being shared shows a young diaper-wearing tyke practicing to be the next LeBron James. And with March Madness whipping sports fans into a frenzy, this is the time of the year to do any basketball related advertising.

This year, you can actually call it Miami March Madness as the center of the hoops universe is in the Sunshine State. With LeBron James making a case for another MVP trophy, and the Heat winners of 26 straight games (just 7 shy of tying the all-time record), the Miami Heat have been showing why they are the defending NBA Champs. And the University of Miami's men's basketball team is one of the teams reaching the  Sweet Sixteen round of the NCAA Tournement.

The Heat have found out that when you're on top, everyone is gunning for you. That is exactly what has happened this last year with the Samsung Galaxy S III. And the other manufacturers, like the other teams chasing the Miami Heat, are learning how hard it is to knock the defending champs off its perch. Look at the HTC One. U.S. phone buyers should be enjoying the device right now. But a shortage of components related to the UltraPixel camera means that any chance that HTC would be able to pick up momentum by offering its phone for one month without competition from Samsung's new flagship model, the Samsung Galaxy S4, has been squandered by the components delay.

source: Samsung via AndroidAuthority



1. AamirSIII

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guys guys guys... i have kinda good news for yall. read this it is said by the Founder of CyanogenMod that he tested galaxy s4 and it scored 40k + score in quadrant... and we all know S4 with Snapdragon scores around 12000... does this mean the Exynos Octa Core version scores 40k + in quadrant... what yall think? (& pls no thumbs down this time... ;) )

2. lolioslol

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But Sprint is terrible.

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