New Samsung Galaxy S4 ad features dad swaddling baby, shows clever use of features

New Samsung Galaxy S4 ad features dad swaddling baby, shows clever use of features
We have to admit that the latest ad for the Samsung Galaxy S4 made us stop for a minute before we saw the genius in the spot. Unlike previous ads for Sammy's flagship phone, there is no character with an Apple iPhone that is the butt of all of the jokes. Certainly you remember the lady in the last ad who holds her Apple iPhone 5 high, awaiting the S Beam tap that will send pictures to her phone. "No, yours doesn't do that," she is told. And of course, there is the barista from the very first Samsung Galaxy S II ad who says, "I could never get a Samsung, I'm too creative." Which results in the best put down line in the history of advertising. A guy right next to him turns and says, "Dude, you're a barista." The line became so popular that Samsung printed it on t-shirts and gave them away for a contest prize.

The very latest ad for the Samsung Galaxy S4 focuses on a new dad who is trying to swaddle his infant son. Using Air Gesture, he swipes above the phone to answer it. It's his Wife who wants to know if there are any problems. "No, we're having a dudes' day home, it's fine," he tells her. But clearly he needs help. "Hey Galaxy, search YouTube for swaddling tips," he orders S Voice. He watches the video from YouTube which pauses automatically when he starts to follow the steps he sees on the video. That's Smart Pause, folks.

So Dad completes the task, baby is all swaddled nice and tight and...PLOP. That's number 2 on a commercial for the Samsung Galaxy S4. We would have to say that Samsung does a good job in showing how the features on the Samsung Galaxy S4 can actually be used in a real-life scenario and are not gimmicks like many suggest. 

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source: Samsung via AndroidAuthority

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