Netflix will sound a lot better on Android thanks to a new update

Netflix will sound a lot better on Android thanks to a new update
Netflix has been really meticulous about the audio quality of its streams over the years. The company introduced 5.1 surround sound back in 2015 and subsequently added Dolby Atmos support in 2017. Now it’s time for the next big update, which doesn’t sound all that big, but instead very technical. On its official blog, Netflix has announced that the streaming service now supports Extended HE-AAC with MPEG-D DRC on Android devices (Android 9 or newer). 

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Before you leave filled with righteous boredom, let us explain. Different content has different sound parameters baked in the stream. For example, an action movie has a different dynamic range than a classical concert - you’ll hear more explosions in the former and quite a flat EQ in the latter. So, when you switch between the two while watching, you will experience a dip in volume or a nonuniform audio experience. The new update deals with this problem.

The Extended HE-AAC with MPEG-D DRC focuses on three main audio aspects - Loudness, Dynamic Range, and Peak Volume. To put it simply, with this new update, all documentaries, action movies, concerts or stand-up comedy you watch on Netflix will deliver a uniform audio experience, and you won’t have to adjust the volume or the EQ when switching through content. The new update is already rolling out, so keep the Netflix app on your Android phone up to date.

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