NVIDIA's CEO confirms that Motorola is a big customer

NVIDIA's CEO confirms that Motorola is a big customer
We recently reported to you about a holiday release that Motorola is planning along with Google and Verizon, that will result in the first handset to use the Gingerbread build of Android. The device, which we previously referred to as the DROID T2, apparently has a somewhat more refined name of the Motorola Venus and will also be the first handset to be equipped with the NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual-Core processor. Verizon customers will be happy to hear that the Venus will have a front-facing camera and 1080 video encode/decode. Other specifications will be similar to what is on the DROID X.

One way to confirm this is to see what NVIDIA has to say and the firm's CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, said that Motorola is, “very important to us and will represent long term (one) of our biggest customers". While not quite as convincing as having Motorola introduce the phone to the media, Motorola fans have to like the sound of Huang's comments as it does give some veracity to the info about the Venus.

As far as tablets are concerned, new speculation has surfaced that Motorola is working on bringing a few Tegra flavored tablets to market, including a pair named Everest and Olympus. NVIDIA has a new SugarDaddy and his name is Sanjay Jha.

source: AndroidandMe



1. tomorrowisnow unregistered

Very cool. However, if VZW is going to announce a new flagship phone every three months to be pushed on the masses and you can only upgrade without mortgaging your house every 20 months, then there are going to be warehouses full of phones with no buyers. The phone market is overheating and the bubble is going to burst in the next year or two from a hardware standpoint.

2. gabe unregistered

It's like crack, The public gets addicted to the technology without real benefits- Games, useless apps and texting they pay big fees whether they use the features or not. And they keep shelling out even when they are unemployed or don't earn enough to justify the expense- just like crack addicts using their rent money to buy the rock. I got to laugh when I see my car mechanic and an out of work carpenter pull out a blackberry or a smart phone to call home paying upward of $ 100 a month for a phone and upgrade it every 6 month for Huge $$.

3. marcsensei unregistered

Will the Venus be an LTE 4G phone

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