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Mozilla adds resources in an attempt to finish Android browser this year

Mozilla adds resources in an attempt to finish Android browser this year
Those of you Android users who have been looking forward to the Firefox browser, good news! Mozilla has been adding more men to the job and the vp of mobile, Jay Sullivan, says that his goal for 2010 is to ship at least a beta version of the software. Three months ago, the company had nothing done in regards to Android. Now, they are a few bug fixes away from nightly builds. Recent additions to Firefox for Android include resolving problems with the soft keys, perfecting the rotation behavior and accelerometer support, and working on rendering with different approaches like OpenGL. The video below shows where the browser was just a couple of days ago, and is used on a Nexus One. Even though far from completed, the demo looks good. One thing that the team is working on is getting Weave up and running. This allows the mobile browser to sync bookmarks and history with the full Firefox.

source: Vladimir'sBlog


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