Motorola talks Moto X/Maker expansion, high-end devices, and the Lenovo deal

Motorola talks Moto X/Maker expansion, high-end devices, and the Lenovo deal
Motorola took some time to answer quite a few questions on Twitter today, and there were some very interesting answers to various questions regarding the expanded release of the Moto X and Moto Maker, as well as a bit of insight into what to expect from the company once it is officially acquired by Lenovo.

On the topic of the Moto X, we already heard that the follow-up to the Moto X is planned for late summer, but before that the current Moto X is going to continue its expansion into new territories. According to Motorola, the Moto X will be launching in India and Australia in the "next few weeks"; and, the Moto Maker customization options are expanding just as we expected. Motorola says that in Q2 of this year, Moto Maker will be made available in western Europe and Mexico. 

Obviously, Motorola couldn't be too forthcoming in terms of the Lenovo deal, but it did clear up a few questions that we have had. First off, Motorola is going to continue focusing on Android, even after the acquisition, because otherwise Motorola would "have to compromise if we spread across ecosystems." It also mentioned the "big opportunity" in China with its "partner" Lenovo. 

Maybe most telling of all, Motorola was asked about selling "high priced" devices, to which it responded: "Great smart phones should be available to everyone & days of $600 phones are limited." It should be noted that neither the question, nor the response made mention of "high-end" or "high spec" devices, but rather specifically on "high priced" handsets. Maybe Motorola will be continuing with the Moto X pricing as is. 

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