Motorola i1 to be equipped with a 5MP camera and an Opera Mini default browser?

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Motorola i1 to be equipped with a 5MP camera and an Opera Mini default browser?
Just because the Motorola i1 is an iDEN model doesn't mean that the Android flavored phone has to scrimp on features. For example, the same tipster that originally told Engadget that the handset would come equipped with a 3MP camera is now recanting that and passing along the word that the phone will have a 5MP shooter on board. Not bad, Motorola, not bad. But wait, there's more. The device, formerly known as the Opus One, will feature the MOTOBLUR UI which integrates all of your social networks on your desktop and is not a Google-experience phone. As such, Motorola is free to put an Opera Mini browser under the hood as the default browser. Wow! When you think of all those handsets available for the prepaid networks, the Motorola i1 has the specs to really, really stand out. And with the economy improving slowly at best, offering handsets like this could make it a lot less painful for some to switch to the unlimited non-contract carriers that will offer the model.

Motorola i1 Preliminary Specifications

source: Engadget



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