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Motorola files patent for smartwatch

Motorola files patent for smartwatch
Originally filed in February 2012, the USPTO on Friday outed a patent application made by wholly owned Google subsidiary Motorola for a smartwatch. According to the filing, the watch will offer "gaze detection" which means it will know when you are looking at it. And there is talk of dual-touchscreens and enough health related functions to keep a hypochondriac busy including pulse measurements, body temperature readings and a heart monitor.

Of course, Motorola has been down this path before with the MOTOACTV smartwatch that pairs with your phone and is generally focused on those interested in fitness. The new smartwatch era begins on September 4th with the expected introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. This new generation will be lead by offerings from major smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Microsoft and Apple. The Apple iWatch is believed to have run into a few snags but the latest rumor has Apple's smartwatch launching in the second half of the year, priced between $149 and $229.

source: USPTO via Engadget
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