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Motorola decides to pass on Windows Mobile 6.5, waits for version 7

This article contains unofficial information.
Motorola decides to pass on Windows Mobile 6.5, waits for version 7
The first handsets running Windows Mobile version 6.5 got released yesterday and the major players to fight tooth and nail for supremacy on the market of Windows-based smartphones are HTC, LG and Samsung. What about Motorola? The company seems predominantly focused on developing Android-based cell phones and its first product, the Motorola DEXT (also known as the CLIQ in the US) is now available to consumers across the UK. We´ve just got information that many devoted WM fans will certainly find disturbing. It goes that Motorola has no plans to manufacture cell phones based on Windows Mobile 6.5, despite earlier claims it would be involved in the development of devices running both operating systems.

The new information comes from Christy Wyatt with Motorola, who stated the company intended to wait for the next version of Windows Mobile before getting back to the market of handsets powered by the Microsoft-made OS. In other words, Motorola is waiting for the release of Windows Mobile 7.

source: Phonescoop


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