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Motorola to continue support Windows Mobile despite rumors

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Motorola to continue support Windows Mobile despite rumors
Windows Mobile is still near and dear to the heart of Motorola despite rumors of possibly phasing away from the platform in favor of Android. Motorola announced lay offs for 77 employees in their Plantation, Florida facility this week. Motorola’s spokesperson, Maya Komadina, claims that the development of the Windows Mobile platform continues at other facilities. Komadina further states “It is important to note that Motorola’s strategy for the Mobile Devices business has not changed - we continue to focus on Windows Mobile as one of our software platforms, and there are teams working on Windows Mobile development at other facilities.” It’s also true that Android will allow them more open-source flexibility to create a unique set of handsets. And for Microsoft, we would assume that they would continue to try and get their flagship mobile OS to as much handsets as possible. Microsoft would be very unlikely to have their platform removed totally from any Motorola devices.

source: SlashGear

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