Moto Mod camera may be nearly here, as Hasselblad schedules event next week

Moto Mod camera may be nearly here, as Hasselblad schedules event next week
Modular smartphones opened a new chapter last week with the launch of the Motorola Moto Z, Moto Z Force, and their accompanying Moto Mods accessories. Modules like a high-quality speaker, portable projector, and auxiliary battery pack were all among the first wave of Moto Mods we saw introduced, but we were hoping to get even more. You may recall an early leak revealing a trio of modular backs: two of those were our projector and speaker, but the third failed to materialize – a camera module. We heard that camera-maker Hasselblad could be behind the module, and while Lenovo's teased some sort of next-level camera experience, it's been unclear if the leaked Moto Mod camera would ever actually launch. Now there's a chance that not only could that launch still be in the works, but it may be upon us in just a matter of days, as Hasselblad gets ready for a big announcement next week.

Next Wednesday, June 23, Hasselblad intends to livestream an event that will reveal to us “a game changer in the world of photography.”

Before we start getting too excited, it's worth noting that we're hearing some rumors about a new stand-alone camera with no smartphone affiliation: a fancy prosumer model designed to compete with the market for Leica devices.

And while that could very much be on the menu, other rumors are discussing the possibility of this event finally revealing the Hasselblad Moto Mod camera. Really, though – why couldn't it be both?

In any event, we'll have the full scoop on Hasselblad's announcement soon enough – check back next week for the details if this is indeed the revelation of the next Moto Mod add-on.

source: Hasselblad (YouTube) via Pocket-lint

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