Microsoft looking for someone to help differentiate those Samsung and LG Windows Phones

Microsoft looking for someone to help differentiate those Samsung and LG Windows Phones
Let's face it, neither Samsung, nor LG put much effort to set apart their first batch of Windows Phone 7 offering, with LG doing the worst possible job. Uninspiring slabs is not what will make the year-old mobile OS fly, and Microsoft doesn't have to worry about Nokia, HTC or Fujitsu in that respect, so it is now focusing on improving the relationship with the South Koreans.

It has posted a job listing for an executive to be placed in charge with looking over the shoulder of LG and Samsung, and ensure they come up with “clear differentiated devices & competitive price points targeted at consumer and business segments“.

The relationship manager is to ensure end-to-end execution of that strategy, including ramping up the supply chain capacity if orders start to fly through. The manufacturers are also to be bound by joint marketing agreements, where Microsoft will partially foot the bill in exchange for sales results and some prominent product or logo placement.

If not for the waterproof Fujitsu handset, or the flaunted Windows Phone version of the Samsung Galaxy S II, we'd be hard-pressed to find this awe-inspiring, killer device with a novelty hardware factor that can launch Microsoft's Mango update into prominence. Let's hope the HTC Vigor and its 720p display turn out what they are cracked up to be, or that the Nokia Sea Ray arrives with some quality wrappings which Nokia has surely shown it's capable of.

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