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Microsoft intros Windows 'Foam' 7, the arch-nemesis of Android's robot

Microsoft intros Windows 'Foam' 7, the arch-nemesis of Android's robot
South by Southwest (SxSW), in Austin, TX, is more than a music and film festival. It's also grown to become an important opportunity for technology companies to showcase their products to younger audiences with disposable income. And Microsoft didn't miss the opportunity.

Microsoft used the event to showcase their new Windows Phone 7 character, also know as 'Windows Foam 7'. As part of a viral campaign, Microsoft is giving these away as swag, and featuring them alongside other gadgets at the GDGT party.

While we'd love to applaud Microsoft for originality, Windows Foam 7 is obviously an attempt to mimic the lovable Android Green Robot. With Android's popularity on the rise, and a strong sense of ownership among early adopters, many Android fans have purchased Green Robot dolls for themselves. And that makes for excellent free advertising.

Windows Foam 7 obviously isn't as cute as the Green Robot, but what do you expect? How do adapt a name like "Windows Phone 7" into a cute character? With Android, at least, there was a logical and marketable icon. We're hoping that Microsoft will make these available on their website, or even start including them as added value to pre-orders.

source: Techie Buzz via WMPoweruser


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