'Metalhead': HTC outs a second teaser video for the All New One

HTC releases second teaser video for the upcoming HTC One
It's getting harder to keep a tight lid on any highly-anticipated smartphone these days, as HTC learned the hard way over the weekend, just as Sony did before it, and even Samsung didn't remain unscathed by those nasty leaks of the Galaxy S5.

After all, why bother pouring money into hints, teasers, or unveiling events, when most everything is known (and seen) before the announcement? This sad for manufacturers, but jolly for us, state of affairs, didn't stop HTC from releasing its second teaser video of the All New One.

Under the slogan "Metalhead," HTC waxes poetic about the precision craftsmanship that goes into creating the aluminum unibody of the HTC One, and hints that the All New One will be even better as far as the chassis build goes. March 25th is three weeks away, so not much left to wait and see what HTC's engineering prowess has in store for us.

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