Malaysian commercial for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is all about the curved glass-NOT!

What is the point of making a television commercial for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge without pointing out the curved glass, and the extra real estate on the display? This ad runs a few seconds shy of two minutes and shows two ultra-competitive men meeting at a tarmac where a plane sits. The next thing you know, both men are jumping out of the plane with a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

The two are actually in a fiercely competitive game of Tic Tac Toe and they pass the handset back and forth as the earth quickly comes up from under them. Can they crown a champion and still have time to pull the parachute cord?

We won't spoil the rest of the ad, which you can view by clicking on the video above. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will be released in Malaysia early next month for the equivalent of $827.

While there is a place for a fun television ad, when it comes to selling a high-end handset, the best bet is usually to show off the features that make consumers desperately want the device ahead of the competition.

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source: SamsungMalaysia via Soyacincau
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