MWC events for the 13th of February

MWC events for the 13th of February
We are sending troops on the ground floor at the Mobile World Congress, which is officially kicking off on the 14th of February . A number of cell phone companies, however, are holding pre-MWC events on the 13th, which are actually pretty major.

We have split our team since they overlap, and will be present on Sunday at both important gatherings then - of Sony Ericsson and Samsung:

Sony Ericsson
- 6pm-10pm CET / 12 noon - 4pm EST / 11am-3pm CT / 9am-1pm PST

Here we expect to see the announcement of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo.

Samsung - 6pm-7pm CET / 12 noon - 1pm EST / 11am - 12 noon CT / 9am-10am PST

In the same timeframe we have Samsung, which we will be following first and foremost for the Samsung Galaxy S 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 details.

We'll be your eyes and ears at these events on Sunday, so stay tuned to PhoneArena for first-hand news and hands-on reports.



1. Saraansh Tandon unregistered

UPDATE: its 13th of February. Make the correction

2. from a website that can proof unregistered

wow proof read much guys?

3. Losh unregistered

what about HTC?

4. samsung galaxy s2 or htc desir unregistered

wht phone is better? samsung galaxy s2 or htc desire hd2? :D

5. Asif unregistered

definetly samsung galaxy s2 coz htc desire cant match it

6. dr.dante

Posts: 11; Member since: Feb 04, 2011

for the time those fu***ing smart phones comes out step by step just adding only one feature,i am not going to change my htc is the easiest way for the company to grab our money,it is a smart way of marketing. They are doing such fcking features and no one deals with battery life.

7. Ed unregistered

What about Nokia? I am getting conflicted information saying that Nokia will have a presentation today but some say it's tomorrow.

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