You might not be happy when you see this accessory for the 2019 Apple iPhone models (VIDEO)

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For some reason, both Apple and Google thought that it would be okay to house the rear cameras on their upcoming phones in a square module mounted in the upper left corner of the devices' rear panel. We've seen renders of the 2019 iPhones and an actual photo shared by Google of the Pixel 4. Interestingly, Apple received plenty of flak for the iPhone 11 camera module while the Pixel 4 was praised by many for its new high-end look.

Anyway, those who are still holding out hope that the renders are wrong or that Apple will make a last-second design change appear to be out of luck. Etailer MobileFun has shared with us a video and some photographs of Olixar camera protectors and they seem to corroborate the renders. The square protectors also show three camera sensors for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max and two for the iPhone 11R. The latter will have a 12MP primary and a 12MP telephoto with a 2x optical zoom. The other two models will have the same two sensors plus a 12MP ultra-wide lens with a 120-degree field of view. Expect to see optical image stabilization (OIS) on the primary and telephoto cameras. A front-facing 12MP FaceTime camera is said to be included along with an improved Face ID facial recognition system. The camera protectors can be pre-ordered for $10.99 for a pack with two protectors.

Just the other day, we told you that Apple might equip the 2019 iPhone cameras with a night mode; this will allow them to take viewable pictures under low-light conditions and would be similar to the Night Sight setting used by Google Pixel owners. Google has been promoting the fact that the Pixels have such a feature while the iPhone doesn't. That could change this year.

2019 Apple iPhone models rumored to include new Underwater Mode

The new iPhones, expected to be launched in late September, will reportedly be the same size as the 2018 models. We will see a 6.5-inch iPhone 11 Max and a 5.8-inch iPhone 11, both with OLED panels. And there will be the 6.1-inch iPhone 11R sporting a 6.1-inch LCD screen. All three handsets will be powered by the Apple A13 SoC and are rumored to have a reverse wireless charging feature. This will allow users to flip their iPhones face down and charge their AirPods, Apple Watch or another compatible phone using the battery from the host iPhone. Because this will drain the battery on the iPhone providing the power, Apple is expected to hike the battery capacities on all three 2019 phones. For example, the iPhone 11R battery is supposedly in line to get a 5% bump to 3110mAh. Considering that the iPhone XR already has the best battery life of any iPhone ever, this bodes well for the new version of the "more affordable" iPhone. The iPhone 11 Max could end up with a battery in the range of 3491mAh and 3650mAh (compared to the 3174mAh part on the iPhone XS Max), while the battery in the iPhone 11 could weigh in between 3189mAh and 3322mAh. That would be a nice boost from the 2658mAh battery found in the iPhone XS.

The new iPhones might also come with a new feature called Underwater Mode. This would allow users to operate the screen even while submerged in water. According to a patent application that Apple filed, internal sensors would correct the color balance of pictures taken underwater. While this rumor could be true, we should point out that despite the IP67 and IP68 ratings on the 2018 iPhones, Apple does not offer any warranty coverage for water damage.
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