Leaked picture reveals new BlackBerry 10 Alpha Developer's phone

Leaked picture reveals new BlackBerry 10 Alpha Developer's phone
We recently told you that RIM was planning on giving away 2,000 BlackBerry 10 flavored handsets to those attending the BlackBerry Jam conference that runs alongside the annual BlackBerry World Conference in Orlando. The festivities start on Tuesday and run through Thursday. By giving away the phones, RIM is hoping to spark some developers into writing apps for the upcoming BlackBerry 10 smartphones which could be the Canadian manufacturer's last chance to be a competitor in the smartphone industry.

Crackberry has obtained photographs of the Alpha version of the Developer's model and it appears to be a rubberized slab. Regardless if you hate or approve of the design, this is not the model that you will be considering a purchase of later this year. The phones being handed out to developers will not have the same looks and navigation as the finished consumer product will have. The first BlackBerry 10 model is expected to be called the BlackBerry London and is due out later this year. A picture, allegedly of the device, has already been leaked.

The BlackBerry 10 OS is based on the QNX OS that RIM uses on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Originally the smartphone OS was called BBX until RIM found out that another company called Basis was using that name and changed the moniker of its new OS to BlackBerry 10. Now, RIM starts on the most important journey in company history by giving developers a head start on using BlackBerry 10. A few days ago, we showed you leaked photos of what is claimed to be the packaging for the BlackBerry London.

source: Crackberry


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