Leaked S8 and S8+ size comparisons show the S8+ to still be one very big phone


If you didn't get a good glimpse of exactly how big will the Galaxy S8 and S8+ be compared to their major rivals in our homebrew renders yesterday, a renowned leakster has sized them up, too, albeit in a more schematic way. As you can see above, the Galaxy S8 would eventually be a tad taller, but quite more narrow than the LG G6 with the same screen size. Since LG's flagship is already the most compact 5.7-incher money can still not buy, the S8 screen-to-body ratio should be one for the ages, and hopefully a harbinger of things to come with phones down the road. 

The S8+, on the other hand, will fit the needs of multimedia junkies that are drooling over large displays, but looking at the size it still seems like this may be a niche device. Granted, it would house a 6.2" curved display in a body the height of the iPhone 7 Plus, but that's still one big phone to carry around. Thankfully, it is narrower thanks to the purported 18.5:9 aspect ratio of the screen, so it would be a bit easier to use it with one hand than the other phones in its size range that include the Pixel XL. Which one would you pick, looking at the schematics above?

source: OnLeaks (Twitter)

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