Alleged foldable iPhone to feature MicroLED with embedded camera and Touch ID; will be a long wait

Alleged foldable iPhone to feature MicroLED with embedded camera and Touch ID; will be a long wait
Foldable phones are a new form factor and while Samsung and Huawei are at the forefront of the new technology, other manufacturers are also warming up to the idea. Even Google is expected to jump the bandwagon in 2021 with a foldable Pixel and we have already heard vague rumors about Apple's plans. Today, we have seen the juiciest leak so far about the rumored foldable iPhone. 

According to @komiya_kj, the foldable iPhone will be more of a bendable iPad and it will run iPad OS. It also looks like it will support phone calls natively. 

The tipster also claims that the device will support an under panel selfie camera and Touch ID. Now, most new Android flagships sport in-display fingerprint readers but Samsung's foldable phones have physical ones, probably because their displays are not sturdy enough to support an embedded scanner. 

But, of course, a lot can change in a few years. Samsung has already struck a partnership with Corning apparently to make foldable phones more resilient and Apple will likely use the Gorilla Glass maker's tech too.

As for under panel selfie cameras, we have already seen a few demos from other vendors and a commercialized version seems right around the corner. 

Previously, it was reported that the foldable iPhone will be more like the Surface Duo, which features two displays joined by a hinge. Today's tip backs that up and reiterates that they will give the illusion of a continuous panel. 

Previously, a patent was filed by Apple which mentioned a unique hinge mechanism to prevent display creasing, something which is common on foldable phones. However, it seems like the idea didn't work out, forcing the company to go for a dual-screen design instead. 

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The device will apparently feature the MicroLED display technology, which offers various advantages over OLED screens such as support for a higher dynamic range, increased brightness, wider color gamut, and lower power consumption.

The leaker also says that the rumored Apple Glass and other VR handsets will boost the user experience but didn't go into details.

The foldable iPhone will likely be powered by a 3nm chip

So, when is the foldable iPad coming? It will probably be a part of the “one more thing” announcement in 2023. And since the A14X, which is a revamped version of the A14, is tipped to make a debut with the 5G iPad Pro in 2021, it's not surprising to see that the device will supposedly be powered by the A16X, which will be made using the 3nm technology

Foldable phones are forecasted to register a CAGR of 24.6 percent from 2019 to 2025 and although Apple was earlier said to be on the fence about the new form factor, it seems to be getting serious about it now. After all, why would it want to leave the field open for its competitors? Foldable phones are also going from strength to strength, and this will only increase the demand further. 

Sure, they are still quite fragile, but if you look at the OG Galaxy Fold, they have surely come a long way.

If the rumored 2023 launch date is correct, Apple fans should prepare for a long wait. On the bright side, we can look forward to a relatively cheap foldable Apple device with minimal technical issues.

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