Apple continues its research into microLED as it visits leading supplier

Apple continues its research into microLED as it visits leading supplier
Although Apple may be increasing its use of OLED panels once again this year with the release of the 2018 iPhone X and iPhone X Plus, the company has already been looking towards the next-generation of smartphone displays and, according to a new report, recently visited one major supplier.

Specialising in TV displays, AU Optronics (AUO) has already established an advanced display R&D facility in Taiwan in partnership with Apple. Nevertheless, the iPhone giant is keen to maintain a good relationship and recently visited AUO and multiple Taiwan factories. Currently, AUO is one of the leaders in new display technology and is on track to begin mass production of miniLED displays by the end of this year. However, Apple is reportedly not interested in the latter technology and will reportedly skip it altogether in order to wait for the superior microLED panels. 

Currently, OLED displays allow Apple to create the overall bezel-less look that isn’t possible with equivalent LCD panels. Additionally, they permit pure black tones and also reduce power consumption but, unfortunately, can be subject to burn-in over time due to the organic compound that is included. Because of this, the Silicon Valley-based giant has reportedly been researching microLED displays since 2014. These panels, although much more difficult to manufacture, contain no organic matter, which means no burn-in. Furthermore, they can reach higher levels of brightness and are also more power-efficient overall.

Previously, in the hope of testing the technology, it was revealed that Apple would first debut the new panels on its Apple Watch line, most likely with next year’s Series 5 model. If this launch goes off without a hitch, it should pave the way for at least one 2020 iPhone model with the more premium microLED display. Eventually, though, every Apple product including iPads and MacBooks are expected to adopt the technology.


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