Larger spectrum block sizes in AWS-3 auction would favor AT&T and Verizon, says T-Mobile

Larger spectrum block sizes in AWS-3 auction would favor AT&T and Verizon, says T-Mobile
Kathleen Ham, Vice President of Federal Regulatory Affairs at T-Mobile, is not a happy camper. On T-Mobile's blog, she writes that the U.S, government's upcoming auction of AWS-3 spectrum might not be conducted on a level playing field. She notes that based on past auctions, the government needs to auction off the spectrum in smaller blocks in different geographical areas to ensure that Verizon and AT&T don't end up monopolizing the results.

With 50MHz of prime spectrum up for grabs, T-Mobile would like to see the auction broken up into as many smaller 5x5MHz blocks as possible. And appealing to the government's coffers, Ms. Ham notes that by auctioning off more smaller blocks, it could increase the amount of money that the auction brings in. If the U.S. believes that some  carriers would benefit from a 10x10MHz block of spectrum, the T-Mobile executive says that it would be okay to have "no more than one such large block in the AWS-3 band plan given the significant countervailing benefits of making the spectrum available in 5x5 megahertz blocks." 

The FCC will vote on the rules of the auction during a March 31st open meeting. The bands up for bids include 1695-1710 MHz, 1755-1780 MHz, and the 2155-2180 MHz bands.

source: T-Mobile via FierceWireless



1. papss unregistered

Is tmob crying here?

2. DigitalJedi_X2

Posts: 346; Member since: Jan 30, 2012

No. They're trying to make it a level playing field so Verizon and At&t don't continue to do what they've been doing, which is monopolizing the playing field by throwing money at everyone and everything in site. Why is it crying if you're asking for it to be fair?

4. papss unregistered

Not really.. Tmob is looking for a way for this to benefit them and 5x5 blocks do just that.. Truth be told, when you look at the whole picture its only going to benefit att/vzn or on the other end tmob..

5. 1ceTr0n

Posts: 549; Member since: May 20, 2012

Hence why Tmo is crying foul. But feel free to be a troll about it if thats all you have

6. papss unregistered

Didn't know disagreeing was being a troll hmmm

3. Augustine

Posts: 1043; Member since: Sep 28, 2013

The band pair 1755-1780 and 2155-2180MHz is AWS-3, adjacent to T-mobile's AWS-1 or band 4. What is the other range, 1695-1710MHz, adjacent to the uplink of AWS-1? Will existing phones supporting AWS-1 be able to use the new AWS-3?

7. smacsteve

Posts: 86; Member since: May 16, 2012

Wah, wah, wah. Is little Johnny crying about the big boys not playing fair?!

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