LG unveils a Wireless Charging Pad and an AT&T LTE modem

LG unveils a Wireless Charging Pad and an AT&T LTE modem
Exciting announcements are coming non-stop today at CES! Not only are the major manufacturers showing their latest and greatest efforts in the smartphone biz, but it turns out some of them have even had the time to prepare a little something on the accessory front as well.

What managed to grasp our attention here is LG's Wireless Charging Pad - an accessory that promises to deal with the annoyance of having to connect your phone to the charger wire each night. Similarly to the popular Touchstone charger for the Palm Pre, with LG's Wireless Charging Pad, all you'll have to do is simply place your smartphone on the pad and watch as it gets filled with juice just like that. The device is said to be capable of fully charging the battery of a "standard smartphone" in approximately two hours. What LG considers a "standard smartphone" however is yet unclear. The Wireless Charging Pad will also feature audible and tactile feedback, as well as colored LED lights that will signal you what the charging status is at the moment.

Another product that we found quite interesting is the LG Adrenaline. Now, before you freak out, let us tell you that it's not another dual-core smartphone by the company, but rather an EDGE, HSPA and LTE modem for AT&T. That's right, LG's showcasing one of the first dongles for AT&T's upcoming LTE network, which should officially launch this summer.

Stay with us, folks, because a lot of interesting announcements are sure to come!

source: LG

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