Pre owner strategically integrates Touchstone with his vehicle

Pre owner strategically integrates Touchstone with his vehicle
Plenty of careful thought and planning will allow almost anyone to come up with ingenious ways of getting their Palm Pre and Touchstone to meld together harmoniously. In the case of a proud Pre owner, he was able to integrate a Touchstone with his car to provide a safe way of charging on the go. From the pictures, you can clearly see how perfectly he managed to get it to work in his BMW without the messy look of wires running everywhere. He basically placed the Touchstone on the center console and ran a miniUSB connector to the electrical system. Now this solution is perfect for many reasons – you don't have to worry about having the phone move around, it's constantly charging, and it can be used as a holding bracket. Kudos to the individual who came up with such a brilliant scheme.

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source: iSmashPhone


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