LG teases round watch; takes cut at Motorola Moto 360

On Sunday, LG teased a round-faced smartwatch that it is calling the LG G Watch R. The "R" stands for round. With a preponderance of smartwatches coming to market with rectangular faces, the Motorola Moto 360 grabbed plenty of attention by being a semi-circle (falling short of being a full circle, thanks to the cutout on the bottom of the dial). The suits in the LG Boardroom probably figured that if Motorola's smartwatch could get plenty of attention falling just shy of sporting a full circular design, imagine what kind of attention LG could get with a perfectly circular watch dial.

And to rub in the fact that the Moto 360 is not quite a perfect circle, on Wednesday LG posted a teaser for its new timepiece by showing a picture of the LG G Watch R, with the tag line "Smart Comes Full Circle." That is quite a clever dig at the less than perfectly round Motorola timepiece.

Today's leak shows the LG G Watch R and it appears to be a sporty timepiece with a smaller face than the Moto 360. We should learn all about it at IFA 2014, which begins September 5th in Berlin.

source: LG via GSMArena, AndroidAuthority
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