LG's foldable, rollable device would be a smartphone, tablet, and laptop all rolled into one

LG's foldable, rollable device would be a smartphone, tablet, and laptop all rolled into one
Although foldable phones haven't become mainstream yet, they seem to have a lot of potential. LG apparently wants to go a step further with a device that's not only bendable but also rollable.

According to the Korean outlet Asia Time, the company has patented a design that involves a hybrid form factor.

In it's unfolded, unrolled form, the device would resemble a traditional smartphone. It will be possible to use it as a tablet by extending its right side. And then, should you need even more screen estate, you will be able to extend the display further and fold it to make it work as a laptop.

A well-executed rollable, foldable device could help LG turn around its fortune

In theory, the idea sounds quite promising. If the form factor is mated with the right specs, LG will have a powerful, all-encompassing device on its hands.

However, pulling off such a design would be quite tricky. After all, vendors still haven't even nailed foldable phones yet. And for its part, LG isn't even doing conventional smartphones right. Even if the company gets the hardware part down, adapting software to work with such a device would be no easy feat.

And lastly, a patent filing is no confirmation that LG would actually go forward with the design. In fact, the company has filed numerous patents for foldable phones in recent years. However, nothing has come off of those patents yet. 

That said, reports do suggest that the company is gearing up to roll out an experimental device later this year. It would reportedly be followed by a rollable phone in 2021, which the company might showcase at the next MWC. 

For now, the company is clinging to its dual-screen accessory as an alternative to foldable screens.

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