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LG outs the Tab Book Duo: light Windows 8 convertible with 11 hours of battery life

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LG Tab Book Duo

LG just announced one fine Windows convertible out of the blue, the Tab Book Duo, entering the new era of thin and light Windows computers that have a battery life rivaling or surpassing iOS and Android slates. The Tab Book Duo consists of two components (duh) - a 10" screen part with undisclosed resolution, but disclosed kickstand, and a Bluetooth keyboard that can connect to your Tab Book and your smartphone at once, for instance. The processor part that makes the touted 11 hours of battery life possible remains a mystery, as LG just says a quad-core Intel processor, but with this kind of endurance from a thin and light design, we'd but on the fanless Core M edition. 

The weight of the tablet part of the Duo is just 530g, and that's with a USB 3.0 port, as well as a microHDMI one on board. With the keyboard tacked on, the Tab Book Duo stays under two pounds, for 792g of weight. The Windows 8.1 convertible will cost the equivalent of $670, is available today, and whoever buys it by next Monday, will receive a Microsoft wireless mouse thrown in for free, too. 

source: LG

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