LG lifts the veil over its True HD IPS display, says it's better than AMOLED

LG lifts the veil over its True HD IPS display, says it's better than AMOLED
We wrote about the LG Optimus LTE phone recently not because of its LTE connectivity chip - after all it's Korea-bound for now - but because of that huge 4.5" display with the new "True HD IPS" technology of LG.

The display has 720x1280 pixels crammed in the 4.5" diagonal size, which gives it 329ppi pixel density, making it the first retail handset to beat the Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Retina Display in that respect. Moreover, this stunning display resolution is achieved with a regular RGB matrix, not the PenTile arrangement of Samsung's HD Super AMOLED displays, and LG is quick to point that out calling it "True HD".

The In-Plane-Switching (IPS) technology, on the other hand, means brighter display with accurate color representation, good viewing angles and low power consumption. When you add those up, "True HD IPS" is perhaps the best title LG could have come up with. The manufacturer cites a study done by Invertec in August with a spectrometer, which pitted this 4.5" display against the Super AMOLED Plus on the Samsung Galaxy S II, and found out it beats it in color accuracy and power consumption.

It was not specified whether the power consumption was measured showing mostly white background, like in a website, a scenario where AMOLEDs lag in power consumption, and also the screen reflectance ratio was not measured, which is as important for sunlight visibility as brightness. Looking at the vivid, oversaturated colors AMOLEDs have, one can't argue with the color accuracy part, though. The study does say that power consumption was measured at the maximum brightness level of 600 nits, which is a bit disappointing, since that's peak brightness most current IPS-LCD phones already have, except for the luminous Nokia 701 with its 1000 nits.

The True HD IPS screen is a beauty, and LG rightfully notes that in the era of LTE, media and news will start being consumed mainly via our mobile devices, so a high-resolution display will become the thing to have on your phone, along with a larger screen.

source: LG

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