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LG downplays potential sales gains amid Galaxy Note 7 recall

LG downplays potential sales gains amid Galaxy Note 7 recall
LG remains grounded on the subject of whether Samsung's Galaxy Note 7woes could have a telling influence on sales of its new V20 phablet. LG's rival and compatriot is currently embroiled in a global recall of the new Note after several reports emerged of the device's battery catching fire. While Samsung's situation will have prompted would-be Note 7 owners to survey alternative large-screened handsets, LG mobile chief Cho Juno isn't getting carried away.

Upon early impression, the LG V20 has the hallmarks of a strong Note 7 competitor. It's certainly got the specs; from the massive 5.7-inch QHD display to the Snapdragon 820 with 4 GB RAM, its stats are on par with those of its Samsung-made rival. Additionally, while many have taken to the sealed construction of the recent Notes, ardent power users definitely prefer the option of a removable battery, which the LG V20 provides. 

As you will see in our LG V20 preview, though, the design is quite a departure from the Note 7's more streamlined aesthetic and while specs matter, looks do too. The V20, with its toughened aluminum alloy profile akin to a fighter jet, could well be a hit with consumers when it touches down later this year. But in many respects, it's chalk to the Note 7's cheese, so it's easy to see why LG isn't getting ahead of itself. 

Quoted by The Korea Herald, Cho says:

As we digest the new features LG has brought to the table with its latest phablet, Apple is also expected to roll out the iPhone 7 and 7 Pluslater on today. The latter, in particular, could also benefit from the Note 7's shortcomings. While Android users will turn to the likes of the V20, those willing to switch platforms may be tempted by Apple's effort, which looks set to include duo of rear-facing cameras among other treats

Would you consider the new LG V20 over the Galaxy Note 7? iPhone 7 Plus? None of the above? Let us know in the comments!

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