LG chief tips an $800 price tag for the G6 in Korea, March 10 release date

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With the newly announced G6, LG broke a number of traditions for its flagship line - the phone is no longer with a removable battery, and at the same time carries a chassis made out of premium, glass and metal materials. It's certainly one of the most beautiful LG phones in the G-series, and has the specs to match, with a novel 5.7" display that is Dolby Vision/HDR 10 certified, flaunting a fresh 2:1 aspect ratio to make it futureproof.

LG pulled an LG, and didn't announce price nor availability, but various company reps and credible leaks pegged the pricing at about $700, and the launch date March 10 globally (but the first week of April for the US). There have been no official confirmations on any of those tips since the announcement event, but now the LG Electronics' head of the mobile division Cho Juno sat with Korean media at the MWC expo, and disclosed the pricing and availability for Korea. How much? Well, the exact quote is "the phone will hit the Korean market first on March 10. The price starts at 899,800 won (US$796.85)."

There you have it - usually the pricing in the US is about a Benjamin less than the tag in Korean currency, so we can expect the G6 to cost about $700 at Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile indeed. That's a bit more than the G5, which launched at $629 on T-Mobile last year, but we were already warned beforehand that the G6 will cost $50-$60 more than the G5 at launch, along with all other 2017 flagships that are tipped to be more expensive than their 2016 predecessors. As for the US launch and sales targets? Here's a tip, straight from Mr Cho himself:

source: Korea Herald (The Investor)

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