LG Velvet: battery life test complete

The LG Velvet marks a new direction for LG: away from the complicated names the company used in previous flagships, but the LG Velvet is also an incredible fashionable and good-looking phone. At 0.31 inches (7.9mm) it's also one of the thinnest big phones we have used so far in 2020.

But does that extra svelte profile means LG has made a compromise with battery life?

We test the battery life of the LG Velvet across three different categories: first, we test it with casual use in our web browsing battery test, then, we test how long it lasts while playing back YouTube videos, and finally, we turn up the GPU in our 3D Gaming battery test.

So how did the LG Velvet and the 4,300mAh battery inside it do? Let's take a look.

LG Velvet Web Browsing Battery Test

hours Higher is better
LG Velvet
11h 7 min
Apple iPhone 11
11h 26 min
OnePlus 8
12h 15 min
Samsung Galaxy S10+
10h 33 min

We compare the LG Velvet with other phones in its $600-$700 price range, and it does well for this class. With a score of slightly more than 11 hours, the LG Velvet beats the Galaxy S10+, but falls short of the OnePlus 8.

Keep in mind, that this is still a very good score, which means that if you use your phone lightly, you would be able to get very good battery life.

LG Velvet YouTube Video Streaming Battery Test

hours Higher is better
LG Velvet
8h 35 min
Apple iPhone 11
7h 13 min
OnePlus 8
9h 37 min
Samsung Galaxy S10+
8h 56 min

Turning over to YouTube video playback, the LG Velvet scored 8 hours and 35 minutes. That's a respectable score, but it's also not at the very top of our battery rankings.

What the LG Velvet achieves is beating the iPhone 11 in this regard, but iPhones are traditionally poor performers when it comes to YouTube video streaming. The LG Velvet falls a bit short of the Galaxy S10+, but what's interesting is the delta between the LG Velvet and the OnePlus 8 which shapes up to be one of the best alternatives if you are looking for a powerful and good-looking $700 phone.

LG Velvet 3D Gaming Battery Test

hours Higher is better
LG Velvet
9h 56 min
Apple iPhone 11
7h 37 min
OnePlus 8
10h 16 min
Samsung Galaxy S10+
8h 7 min

Last, but not least, we have our 3D Gaming test. This one is for the gamers: the Fortnite players, the Minecraft crew, PubG and CoD Mobile players. Keep in mind that the gaming load in this test is not quite as intense as in those games, but the results provide an interesting context and base for comparison between devices.

In this test, the LG Velvet is killing it: it scored nearly 10 hours, close to the OnePlus 8, which in itself is among the very best performers on this test.

Final Words

Overall, the LG Velvet has satisfactory battery life, but it's not quite the best around. It is a good device for gamers as it manages the thermals well during 3D gaming sessions, but not so much in everyday use and for video playback, where it's just... okay. Not great, but not bad either.

If you want to what are the phones with best battery life in 2020, we have got you covered. Don't forget that we also have our deep dive with the LG Velvet in our review here. And if you are wondering about its best Android alternative, here is our OnePlus 8 review.

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