LG V50 to be released this week after an 'optimization' delay bests the S10 5G performance

LG V50 to be released this week after an 'optimization' delay bests the S10 5G performance
Just as rumored, the new LG V50 ThinQ release date is May 10, reports Korean media today. One of the first 5G phones was supposed to ship at the end of April, but LG cancelled the launch three days prior, citing its desire to improve the stability and power draw of the 5G connectivity feature.

We don't blame it, as the current generation of 5G phones doesn't have the modem integrated into the Snapdragon 855 chipset, but rather extra modules tacked on to add the next-gen standard. These extra components take extra space and tax the battery extra, too, so if LG found a way to synchronize them for better performance and decided to postpone the V50 launch because of that, hat tip.

LG V50 release date on US carriers

A local carrier representative even claims that the new LG V50 is now better optimized to take on the 5G networks of this world than the Galaxy S10 5G which has been strutting along uncontested as the world's first in its home turf. 

As for the US release date of the LG V50, the report only says "this month," so it shouldn't be that much longer of a wait before Sprint, Verizon, and the rest of the local 5G gang widens their portfolio.

In Europe, the LG V50 ThinQ is facing much stiffer competition. The Oppo Reno 5G was already outed for Swisscom, and the carrier will also have Samsung, Xiaomi, and other 5G phones in its roster, so the battle for the consumers' hearts and minds will be more uphill.

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