LG Revolution Benchmark Tests

LG Revolution Benchmark Tests
Knowing that its 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8655 processor isn’t anything revolutionary by today’s standards, the LG Revolution is still undeniably classified as a high-end smartphone – especially when it’s still one of the few to offer 4G LTE support.

Already, we’re seen what the HTC ThunderBolt and Samsung Droid Charge are able to put out in terms of benchmark scores, but as we’ve come to realize, they’re nothing too flattering when comparing them to the results with other devices packing dual-core processors. Fittingly, the LG Revolution is in the same boat as the other two available 4G LTE smartphones with its single-core processer, but interestingly enough, it manages to put up some decent scores that might give it an edge against the competition.

Running the Quadrant benchmark app, it doesn’t take much time for the handset to complete the test – thus getting us scores between 1,897 and 2,179. By comparison, the HTC ThunderBolt manages to get score around 1,430 to 1880, while the Samsung Droid Charge puts out score between 1,037 and 1,050. Additionally, we ran the AnTutu Benchmark test where the Revolution is able to tally a total score of 2,007, which is okay, but nothing impressive to give it some bragging rights. Naturally, the results aren’t anything spectacular and it goes to show how devices with dual-core handsets are still tops in terms of pure benchmark figures.

Despite the less than stellar results, the overall operation so far with the LG Revolution is in line to our expectations. In fact, it executes most basic operations without much fluff, and for things like gaming, we have yet to come across much lag or slowdown with its performance. Again, benchmark numbers might give some people an indication of raw processing speed, but it ultimately comes down to the actual user interaction to really gauge its performance. Either way, we’ll surely put it through some further testing to concretely make a definitive decision on its operation.

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