LG G2 manual leaks: lock key on the back, nano SIM and microSD slots, removable battery

LG G2 manual leaks, confirms lock key on the back, nano SIM and microSD slots, removable battery
We are eagerly anticipating Wednesday's launch of the LG G2, which should finally start a new debate on the aging ergonomics of Android handsets' navigation and side buttons, that have been conceived for much smaller handsets than the giants we have now.

Newly leaked schematics show indeed that the three buttons on the back underneath the camera area are volume and power/lock keys. If LG had thrown in a back button somewhere handier than all the way down on a huge display, we'd be completely sold.

The other new tidbit is that the LG G2 will be utilizing a nano-SIM card slot, just like the iPhone 5 and the Moto X, joining the ranks of nano-SIM phones that is bound to grow. The G2 will sport a microSD slot and swappable 2610 mAh battery, so it has all the prerequisites to become an Android hit, provided that LG got the back buttons right.

Moreover, that QuickWindow case for the flagship that LG keeps teasing, hints that we might have an OLED display on the phone. The company said it might beat Samsung to market this year with a phone that carries flexible screen with plastic substrate for added durability, and we cross fingers that's the one they were talking about.

source: NWE

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