LG G2 QuickWindow case Hands-on

LG QuickWindow case
A premium smartphone deserves premium-grade protection, isn't that so? And if the LG G2 is the phone you've gone for, then the official QuickWindow case is among the options you may pick from. It is an LG-designed flip-style case that protects the handset from wear and tear, all the while allowing one to interact with the device even when the cover is down. No, there's no telepathy involved. Simply, a vertical cut-out on the front enables time, weather, and call info to be conveniently delivered to the user, hence the accessory's name.

So let's dive straight into it. The LG G2 QuickWindow case is made of two components bonded firmly together: a rigid polyurethane flip that covers the smartphone's screen and a plastic piece that protects its sides and back. These are no fancy materials by any means, but as a whole, the accessory looks very presentable. The back is treated to the same fine, unobtrusive pattern found on the LG G2 while the flip feels nice to the touch, as if it is made of fabric. Thickness, however, is a bit of a downside. With the QuickWindow case on, the LG G2 grows not only heavier, but also thicker, at over 13mm at the waistline, creating a healthy hump when its in your pocket. Another thing that bothers us is that dust and pocket lint gathers on the phone's touchscreen around the opening's sides. Sure, you can wipe it off, but it isn't nice lifting the case's cover only to see a rectangle-shaped build-up of dust in the middle of your phone's display.

The LG G2 QuickWindow case protects the smartphone's sides and corners, which is essential as these areas usually absorb the impact energy of accidental drops. Most of the LG G2's front and back are also protected against damage. However, we're not happy to see that there's nothing holding the flip in place so dropping the LG G2 might still result in a cracked screen if the cover opens up in mid-air. So all in all, the QuickWindow case is great for what it is made for, namely to provide light-weight protection against scratching. But one must keep in mind that it won't necessarily preserve the immaculate state of their LG G2 in case of a drop.

Now onto the smarter aspect of the LG G2 QuickWindow case. When the cover is down, the special QuickWindow UX interface appears and displays the current time, weather information, and music player controls. You may also pick up phone calls or snooze your alarm. In case you're wondering, this UI is accessible even if the phone is PIN- or pattern-protected. And all that's great for making the QuickWindow case stand out among the alternatives. After all, not a whole lot of smartphone cases can provide all that extra functionality. Still, it would have been better if the UI was a bit richer in terms of features. It will notify you when you have a new text message, but it won't display it for you. Also, social networking and app notifications aren't being displayed, which is a drawback in our book. 

So is getting one of these worth it? Well, the LG G2 QuickWindow case is a pretty well-made accessory overall – an accessory that looks good and protects the smartphone against light damage. And of course, it is nice having the option to pick up calls or to take a look at the time without lifting the cover. But at the same time, the QuickWindow case is currently priced at about $55 online so it is definitely one of the priciest options that are available. Nevertheless, if your budget can handle it and in case you don't plan on exploring the jungle with the LG G2 in your hand, then the QuickWindow case would be a good pick.

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