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Korea wants Apple and Google to allow refunds on paid apps

Korea wants Apple and Google to allow refunds on paid apps
South Korea's Fair Trade Commission, has ordered Google and Apple to change their respective policies on app store refunds. The commission expects that its ruling will have an effect on similar cases throughout the world. Google announced that the Google Play Store will institute a refund policy based on the system used by its developers. The new Google refund rules will be in place only in Korea.

Apple has agreed to send out a notice to consumers whenever it makes a change to its contract terms. Unlike Google, Apple is considering employing the new policy on a global basis. Still, it was a non-governmental agency that got the ball rolling. The Citizens’ Coalition for Economic Justice had asked the Korean FTC, to force domestic and foreign app stores to stop unfair business practices.

Apple currently does not have a way for customers to request a refund on a purchased app. Users can report a problem through iTunes support, and decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. Starting last month, Apple changed its policies and now prevents those who received a refund from re-installing and updating an app. Previously, App Store customers could get refunded on a paid app, and re-install it for free.

The Korean FTC is going beyond app stores in the country. Currently, those bringing a phone into a repair shop, are unable to get their original handset back after getting the device repaired. The agency will look into the matter to see if it is an unfair sales practice. If so, revisions will have to be made, perhaps on a global basis.

source: KoreaHerald via MacRumors
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