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July 21st is looking to be the date when LG launches its phone on T-Mobile

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July 21st is looking to be the date when LG launches its phone on T-Mobile
It was only earlier this month when we first received our first glimpse of some of the upcoming devices that LG will be presenting T-Mobile, but there was no concrete date except being penned for a release some time “this summer.” We were then presented with T-Mobile's training calendar which initially proposed the idea of the Samsung Galaxy S, now more commonly known as the Vibrant, would be launching on July 21st. However, it's speculated that the device launches seen in the training calendar for July 21st could also include the LG dLite – the very far from amusing basic flip handset. For something that's going to continue T-Mobile's forged relationship with LG, the notion that the LG dLite launching that day to supplement their presence into T-Mobile's lineup is a bit unflattering to say the least, but we'd imagine it would still be warranted seeing that they'll have to start filling every device category. Additionally it looks like LG's other clam-shell handset, the GS170, will be taking flight on July 28th. Even though the leaked internal memos might indicate LG's presence on July 21st, one could only hope for the Samsung Vibrant to clearly show itself on that date.

LG dLite Specifications
LG GS170 Specifications

source: TmoNews


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